Jason Holman - Winemaker

Jason Holman is an award winning vintner who lives in Napa Valley and is the father of three beautiful kids. He fell in love with winemaking and apprenticed in South Africa, France, Germany, Spain and Italy as well as California's own Napa Valley. He is the only winery to specialize in natural wine making in Napa Valley, and uses the ancestral method called petillant naturel which he has honed under his own brand, Uncharted.

Beyond the winery, Jason partnered with two other Napa Vintners and opened a tasting room downtown called Rebel Vintners in 2018. 

Jason has been winemaking for over a decade and has been integral in launching dozens of small wine brands.

Lance Kuramoto - Cellarmaster

Lance began working at Holman Cellars in 2018. He has overseen numerous projects and is an invaluable member of the Holman Cellars team. He is incredibly thorough and diligent which is why he is a leader at Holman Cellars. He resides in Walnut Creek and enjoys travel as well as fine wine.